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You've had a long day and you're starving.

You arrive at your favorite restaurant only to find it's packed, they're running a wait, and if you're willing to hold on to an unidentified buzzing object ("UBO"), in 30 to 40 minutes the frantic host will try to find your name on the messy pen & paper waitlist, page your buzzer, and finally get you seated.

For years this has been the norm. Messy waitlists, expensive buzzing pucks, and a guest experience that all but contradicts everything a restaurant tries to do to impress a guest once seated.

At Nosh, we envision things a bit differently.

We see antiquated processes like this as sparks that can ignite innovation, fuel change, and better an industry. But we aren't just a team of professionals focused on an antiquated industry. We are, however, a team of professionals pulling doubles, day in and day out, to innovate an antiquated aspect of an industry we understand, appreciate, and are passionate about. Our goal is clear and we have brought together an exceptionally capable and professionally relevant group withthe skill sets necessary to be successful within the restaurant technology space.

And just as a restaurant manager would never expect a host to serve, a busser to expo, or a prep cook to jump on the line without proper training, we have never expected our engineers to build restaurant apps without understanding the restaurant industry. To that degree we have sourced the best professionals from the tech world and restaurant world alike. While people on our team have been integral parts of OpenTable, Google, Cisco, and Microsoft, they have also bussed, served, and done the dishes; consulted for national restaurant chains and even owned restaurants. At the end of the day... simply put... we get it and we will stop at nothing to build the most innovative, relevant, and cost conscious solutions possible for our valued restaurant partners.