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FAQ - Here are some things you may be asking yourself

Also known as Frequently Asked Questions

Really, it's FREE? No Way!

Yes way! NoshList is the ONLY text waitlist solution in existence that offers a completely free, no gimmick, solution with no contract, no party or text limit, and absolutely no text or phone call fees. How is this possible? Before NoshList, our esteemed team of engineers was the same team responsible for the development and acquisition of DialPad (now known as Yahoo! Voice) as well as GrandCentral (now known as Google Voice). With over two decades of collective telephony engineering experience under their belts, they have built a proprietary telephony infrastructure (aka "special sauce") that allows NoshList to offer completely free text and automated phone call alerts to your diners at absolutely no cost. And because NoshList is not built on 3rd party system that can often bog down or crash in high volume settings, NoshList carries a level of confidence unmatched by any other waitlist solution. Don't believe us? The same ground up infrastructure that powers NoshList is the same that has enabled Google Voice to become the most prominent voice-over-IP platform on the planet powering over 3 million calls a day.

Why use a text waitlist?!

Pagers are expensive and often go missing or break. Restaurants can spend up to $6,000 investing in pagers when they first open, and up to $1,000 per year replacing lost and damaged devices.

Pen and paper wait-lists are confusing and old-fashioned. And shouting names to a crowded room to find a party? Who wants to do that. Guests are more likely to remain on a waitlist if they are able to roam around without having to stay within a designated area.

NoshList provides an alternative to outdated, expensive wait-list systems. NoshList will allow you to keep an organized waitlist, text & call your customers when their tables are ready, and collect valuable analytics!

What equipment is needed to use NoshList?

NoshList works on now iPhone, iPad, Android phones and tablets. We recommend 3G enabled iPhone, iPad, Android phones and tablets to ensure good internet connectivity. The remote web-view can be seen on any web-enabled device.

What types of phones work with NoshList?

NoshList works with any cell-phone in North America. Some of NoshList's features (text confirmation & reminder) require the cell phone to accept text messages.

What about the guests that do not have cell phones?

Virtually every guest that walks through your doors will have a phone, but if they don't (or do not want to share their phone number with you), you can still place them on the waitlist. These guests are easy to recognize as you'll notice the "notification" button will be grayed. When it comes time to notify these diners, the host can simply locate them circa '93.

What happens if I lose internet / 3G connection?

You can still use NoshList, but will not be able to communicate with your customers via text or call. Once connectivity is restored, your waitlist will sync and you can resume customer communication.

Who has access to my customers' phone numbers?

Only you. We will never share or sell any of your or your customers' information.

Why do I need to collect analytics?

In today's world, it is important to understand who your customers are so that you can best serve their needs. With NoshList's analytics, you will know how often your customers come to visit, important customer demographics, and ways to improve your operations.

What if my customers change their mind and no longer want a table?

NoshList Premium allow for two-way communication, so your customers can let you know if there are changes to their party and the waitlist will update accordingly. NoshList's basic version will allow you to remove the diners after a designated period of time. Either way, you can send your customers as many reminders as you'd like. Even if your customers choose to not dine with you, NoshList will still collect this data so that you can use it in the future. Did a customer have too long of a wait and decided to go somewhere else? Make it up to them next time with quicker table seating or a free dessert!

So if NoshList is free, is there any support?

You bet! Not only to we provide around the clock support to our restaurant partners (for free) the best part is, you likely won't even need it. That's because NoshList is incredibly reliable, intuitive, and easy to use. If it's training you're after or best practices, we're happy to talk but you can also find a slew of resources in the "resources" section of our website after you create an account.